About Us

Already at the time of its establishment 20 years ago Uni Invest Kft. set a goal to create a construction industry company whose main strength is the classical construction industry implementation and which is at the service of its customers as a reliable partner by means of its professional background.



One of the major keys of stability is that the company implements projects with constant, reliable colleagues and subcontractors, so that it may and will undertake more and more orders at higher and higher standards year after year, thus achieving a safe place on the construction industry market.

Prepared colleagues, reliable subcontractors, serious technical and technological background. These are the features through which Uni-Invest Kft. is also at your disposal for construction industry implementations.



During the past 20 years Uni-Invest Kft. has gained exceptionally considerable experience in the filed of implementing bank buildings and branches, industrial buildings and healthcare facilities. Uni-Invest Kft. has already built department stores and hotels, including also the renovation of the latter. In addition to the foregoing, modern interior design solutions and the and the development of the interior space in office buildings also enrich the list of our successful projects.



Make a profit from our decades of experience. Allow Uni-Invest Ltd. to complete your construction fully or partially and the company will take off your shoulder the burden and all the complications of conducting onsite surveys, elaborating the scheduling/implementation program; preparing price quotations; writing tender applications; organising, performing, managing the implementation, checking its progress; performing financial tasks in relation to the implementation cost; conducting the handover/takeover and commissioning procedures; as well as keeping a record of the repairs falling under the guarantee and warranty obligations.



A well-executed construction industry implementation does not end with the construction project. As all engineering construction, the built environment also requires continuous operation and regular maintenance. It was an obvious solution for the customers to have their branches, hotels and department stores built by Uni-Invest Kft. to order the company to operate these, too. The service is not limited to the buildings built by the company only; an experienced team is ready to serve other, already completed facilities.




Uni-Invest Kft. is proud of having been able to contribute to the renewal and preservation of our old architectural values. The company revived our architectural heritage with several buildings in Budapest (ELMŰ Headquarters, Residential Building in Úri Street) and in Szeged (K&H branch and Raiffeisen Bank Regional Centre, both at Klauzál Square and Raiffeisen branch at REÖK Palace), while with one building both in Eger (UniCredit Bank) and Miskolc-Lillafüred (Hunguest Hotel Palota).

Protecting the values of the past is our common cause.